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Local News Tuesday , April 15 , 2014 - 14:49:11 Local time
TOT : Basic Economic Education Facilitators are the Important Person to Give Explanation About Credit Union
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TOT (Training of Trainer) Pancur Kasih Credit Union has been held on 10 – 12 April 2014. It was the annual program which joined by SPO and core groups of Credit Union in Area 1. It conducted at Pancur Kasih Credit Union main office, in the hall of the third floor. TOT was attended by 38 participants and facilitated by Pdt. Sucipto, S.Th as the 1st vice chairman who handled Credit Union economic education, Drs. F. Y. Khosmas, M.Si as the chairman of Pancur Kasih Credit Union,  Gabriel Marto, S.Pd, as the secretary of Directors, and Oktavianus Kamusi, S. H as the expert staff of Credit union. TOT implemented to establish and improve the way of economic education comprehensive to the member in getting basic economic education in Credit Union.

Facilitators were not only giving them theories but also discussion and simulation about the way to facilitate in giving basic economic education training I and II. Because of that, participants joined the training enthusiastically.

At the end of TOT training, there were suggestions and tips have been given by facilitators that SPO and CU core groups could implement their tasks well. Oktavianus Kamusi and Gabriel Marto said that being a facilitator should complement each other in providing materials, facilitators should be able to make creations for example by making presentation media so members know about credit union advantages in their life. Besides that, facilitator should perform excellent in giving a presentation about credit Union. Gabriel Marto added that a facilitator should be able to convince member that saving money in Credit Union will improve and give advantages for their future.

Enny Adminda as the representative from core group of Sui Jawi Office and M. Suganda as the representative from core group of Sanggau Ledo office gave the impression of TOT training. They said that TOT training should be conducted sustainable. They got lots of information about Credit Union and the way how to present / give credit Union information to the member. They hoped that by the election of Pancur Kasih Credit Union board of directors, they could bring CU to the better place and to be people choice.

Drs. F. Y. Khosmas, M. Si, gave suggestions in giving materials. Facilitators must not focus on technology if they give material in remote areas. Facilitators must utilize all media. He added, if facilitator gives an example for the social analysis they can take all problems in the social environment (neighborhood) so that, the member could understand and comprehend the material easily.

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