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Being a Buyer Fresh Fruit Bunch of Oil Palm
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Focus using the capital from Credit Union  to buy  Fresh Fruit Bunch of Oil Palm


Being a buyer of fresh fruit bunch of oil Palm and sell it to the company has became the main income for Adonsius in running the business. He also helps his neighborhood in Lalang, Lesabela village, Ledo district, Bengkayang regency, West Kalimantan. Adonsius, 49 years old joined Pancur Kasih Credit Union since 2006 as the member of Bengkayang Branch office service area.

“Because of there are Branch office in ledo, then I move to Ledo office. It makes me easily in a transaction and it is close to my home”, he said to the writer when told the beginning join Credit Union.

At the beginning, Adon did not have any land of Palm oil trees. So, he intents to propose some loan to Pancur Kasih Credit Union as the capital to run his business. First loan, he used the capital to increase his saving account. Some years later, and he has paid off the loan, then he tried to propose the loan again. By using his second loan, he tried to run the business as the buyer of fresh fruit bunch of oil palm from oil Palm farmer in the village.

Mr. Adon's business has developed well. He manages the loan capital properly so that until right now, he has 9 lands where is planted of  oil palm trees which can be harvested every day/week. He also has 5 lands (± 10 areas), which consists of oil palm trees with nursery, planting, and treatment. Until right now, there are some plants which start growing the fruit.

Mr. Adon has 11 employees to help him managing the land of oil Palm trees: 8 people as the person for harvesting and 3 people as the driver.

The money from purchasing and selling of fresh fruit bunch of oil Palm from the farmer to the company, Mr Adon manages it to pay salary for his employees, pay the installment in Credit Union, buy some home appliances and needs and save the money to Saaleatn account, Sehat and Pangari account in Credit Union.

Credit Union experience has felt by Mr. Adon made some of his friends interested to join in the Credit Union. He suggests to his friend not to be hasty in proposing the loan. It means not too emotional. For example if someone proposes 1 million, but he/she does not have enough money to return it. So, the main importance is we should know our economic ability.

At the end of interviewed, Adonsius was very thankful because he can join in Credit Union. He said, “We can success because of credit Union helped”. Credit Union helps its member by giving easy installment for example the using of sliding interest for the system of paying the loan. Paying installment more than determine amount can reduce the total number of interest for every month.

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