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Economi News Friday , June 27 , 2014 - 13:59:51 Local time
The Habit of Saving Money Gives Benefits for Matilda Evi
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The habit of saving money for unexpected need give advantages for Matilda Evi, the member of Ledo Branch office service area. By her habits, she can help her husband to run motorcycle workshop business. “Amboyo Motorcycle Workshop, Samu Adup”, is more developed day by day.

They have ever felt the unpleasant experience that was a fire disaster in 2012. It did not leave any valuable thing but there were some things left such as compressors and motorcycles.

Because of fire disaster, Ropulus Norman felt dissapointed and down hearted. However, Pancur kasih Credit Union helped them by giving sum of money IDR 600.000, it was because Evi has joined Credit union. Then, they buy “spanner Workshop” as the main tools for opening motorcycle workshop.

Since that day, they immediately had risen up from the disaster. By having an experience as a mechanic and they have the opportunity, have spirit to work hard and diligently, her husband, Ropulus Norman, runs the motorcycle workshop. Then, it would be the icon because it was the only one workshop owned by native people can develop.

“If I did not join in Credit Union, since fire disaster experiences, maybe we can not be like this”, Ropulus said to the writer when he told his workshop progress. “We also trust to the Credit Union staff to help us in doing transaction such us pay the installment, save our money in our accounts. We are really great thankfull for the helps. For the distribution of deposit amount, we have trust to CU staffs.

Amboyo motorcycle workshop customers came from around people. There are 2 mechanics who are assisting Ropulus to serve customers. Norman pays salaries for his employee by workshop income. Besides that, he uses the income to live his family, pay the installment, save the account. Norman and Evi are building café and still in processing. The function of café is as the waiting room for the customer when they motorcycle in repairs.

The unpleasant experiences felt by Matilda Evi and Ropulus Norman hopefully can inspire member and even community to know/ understand the management of Pancur Kasih Credit Union better. 

Barage CU Malanglah Repo!

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