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Technology News Monday , June 30 , 2014 - 09:14:16 Local time
Discipline of Technology and Information User
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Nowadays, almost all activities depend on technology equipment to finish the work even to surf on the internet such as access the social media, watching streaming video, streaming television, etc. However, sometimes the computer gives a negative effect to the user such as decrease their productivity for example people lazy to think because computer facilitates all things we need. Sometimes it wastes a time and makes inefficient and ineffective tasks because of indiscipline user.

The use of technology equipment is very helpful to do the duplicate works. Documents could be sent to the other users who need similar documents without retyping. But, this process would also have a risk if the new user does not attention and discipline to correct the previous mistakes. In addition, confidential document which sent by email or copy paste from storage media could be leaked to another user if the user lack of attention based on the applicable SOP.  In this matter, we are demanded to be extra careful and discipline in using technology information equipments. 

 Technological devices are divided into two groups: Hardware and software. The software divides into two types, good effect and bad effect for the user. So the technology security system that we used from malware is known by Virus, almost Viruses based on Windows Operating System which used in the office. Some viruses attacked Linux system/ GNU, Mac, FreeBSD, OS/2 IBM, and Sun Operating System. Meanwhile mobile devices would be the target of Viruses attacked such as Android, Blackberry OS, etc. Even, there are viruses which damage the hardware device of technology equipment. In this case, we are demanded to understand about computer technology, even from the cover. For example how the computers could be attacked by viruses so we can prevent it not to be happening in our devices.

Nowadays we often hear about internet banking breaching, mobile banking breaching, Facebook password cracked, etc. Sometimes, we are confused why they can breach the system? Even, from the bank security or media social claimed that their computer security system cannot be breached. One of the reasons is the indiscipline of the user.

Passwords/ pins cracked are often because of viruses infected such as Trojan, Worm, Malware and etc. Because of software cracked especially because Trojan viruses record the activities and send back the information to hacker. Virus infections are infiltrating the software system. Distribution of virus computer could be through by website, file attachment email, multimedia messenger which is sent by unknown sender. Many users surfing in the internet without paying attention to the warn signed suddenly appear, despite one of the infected virus process doing by this case. If we click ‘OK’ or ‘YES’ on the warn sign, automatically our devices have been infected by harmful viruses. Besides that, distribution of computer viruses was also happening with storage media which the virus similar to our files. As a result, we did not notice the information on the type of files, the size of files and even the name of files. Only by clicking one time of malware viruses, the virus could effect the operating system of computer devices.

There are many articles that have discussed about how to prevent virus infection. Such as we use reliable antivirus and update antivirus and operating system periodically.

As the user of Technology and information, we could know about virus difficult to detect because this software stealth and work as invisibility activity. Virus could infect the operating system devices. User must know to prevent all those have been explained above.

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