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Economi News Tuesday , November 18 , 2014 - 17:06:19 Local time
Pancur Kasih Credit Union Gave Capital for Cultivating Pepper and Corn.
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Becoming a pepper farmer is the solution for Bibi to live for herself and her granddaughter, Tindyati. Bibi, named Rusmiati, is a member of Pancur Kasih Credit Union, Sanggau Ledo branch office. Bibi is a tough woman, and she has never given up to face the life. She cultivates her own land to become productive land, so that’s why she became a pepper and corn farmer .

She has been a farmer since 18 years ago. She got pepper crops once in a year and then she usually sells it to a pepper collector. For her daily needs, she got money from corn harvest that happened every 3 times in a year. Beside that, Bibi was also becoming a breeder in a little livestock to meet the needs.

Bibi gets help to cultivate her land from Credit Union loan. She has got some loan since 2010. She used the loan for maintenance fees of the plant. She was also active in CU’s promotion because she has ever felt the advantages of joining Credit Union. She said, “there are lots of people interested in becoming a Credit Union member, until right now they have seen our yields/harvest.” She added, “So many people want to join in Credit Union. One of them asked to me that when i want to go to CU, whether they can join in Cu as the member or not”. Then, I answered their questions, “Yes, why not. Credit Union is the helpful institutions. The most important thing is we know how to manage the loan we got from CU. If somebody took a loan for planting pepper, they must not use the money for useless thing or other things.

The successful farmer by Tindiya’s grandmother was the result of her struggle to earn money. She was sure that the woman could cultivate the land by herself, it was because she has ever attended the training from Lada Lestari in collaboration with GIZ stated that if there is not 30% women in the training, so the training weren’t conducted. Being a tough woman and joined with Credit Union made she can enjoy the life. Because of join in Credit Union she can build a home, buy a motorcycle, and pay her assistants to cultivate the land.
Thank you very much Credit Union Pancur Kasih.

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