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National News Wednesday , April 01 , 2015 - 16:26:26 Local time
Monitoring is not OJK and BI Responsibility
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CU is not The Institution for Money Laundering

Pancur Kasih Credit Union Management, Pontianak, insisted that Cooperative Institutions in Indonesia, include in West Kalimantan as the pioneer, was not for money laundering institutions from countries abroad as break the law.

F.Y. Khosmas, as the one of Pancur Kasih Credit Union Directors, on Thursday (19/3) said, “Credit Unions in Indonesia are ready to be audited and accounted the financial sources”. We are willing to be audited by the Financial Services Authority or Bank Indonesia if they want to check our financial sources. They must not suspicious to us if don’t know the main problem”, he said.

Khosmas was taken for granted for the total asset of Pancur Kasih Credit Union almost IDR 1.8 trillions, Lantang Tipo Credit Union, located in Sanggau regency, almost IDR 2.241 Trillions. West Kalimantan Regency was being the example of Credit Union Development all over Indonesian Country. Most of Credit Union in Sumatera, Java, Sulawesi, Maluku, Papua, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), we’re learning about how developing Credit Union in West Kalimantan.

“ I take upon to predict that total asset from 33 Credit Unions in West Kalimantan, more than IDR 7 trillion. It has exceeded the budget west Kalimantan province in 2015 the amount 4.6 trillion. I insisted that, people have potential great power. Do not underestimate people power,” Khosmas said
Khosmas was also agreed about Paulus Florus statements’, Credit Union consultant in West Kalimantan. He said, Sahabat Sejahtera Credit Union (Bahtera) has 500 people whose their job garbage collectors, tire repairman, street food stall seller, groceries seller, street vendor, and the total assets almost 2 millions.
According to Khosmas, Total asset Pancur Kasih Credit Union IDR 1.8 trillions on 31 December 2014. It’s quite large. Member are able to use this money by proposing the loan that must be installed every month. If we have much money, we still keep it in the bank. It will apply for all of the Credit Union in West Kalimantan that the member1 billions from 5.2 billion people, and the total asset minimum is 7 Millions

Credit Union consultant in West Kalimantan, Paulus Florus, said Credit Union was not bankrupted if the directors and member always discipline to save and loan money for productive business.

There are only two ways to destroy CU, such people only want to save their money and they do not want to propose some loan, the second is people borrow the money and they do not want to pay back every month based on an agreement. As we can see right now, members and directors are disciplined in saving and loaning, because every person who join CU must follow Economic education training in order to inform their rights and obligations as the members.

Head of Department of Cooperatives, Smal and Medium enterprises West Kalimantan, Marsianus, said that Credit Union obeyed the cooperative’ laws, so that the financial monitoring does not authority of Bank Indonesia and Financial Services Authority 

“People trained from local government does not by giving them the finance or support but government must do the communication and comprehensive socialisation about the Cooperative’s new regulator. Bank Indonesia and Financial services authority want to monitor Credit Union, they are misplace,.” Marsianus said.


Translated source:

Aju dan Jee. 2015. “Pengawasan Bukan Ranah OJK dan Bank Indonesia”. Suara Pemred, 20 Maret 2015.

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