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National News Tuesday , April 07 , 2015 - 16:04:13 Local time
OJK Roles in Credit Union
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Asep Ruswandi, Head of Financial Service Authority (OJK) West Kalimantan Province, said “Credit Unionn manage trillions of people’s money. People must know whoever parts of government that supervise the financial institution. So, they can avoid the problems.

The involving of financial services Authority in monitoring Credit Union is being criticized. Not only Cooperative Ministry but also Bank Indonesia have warned OJK, like there are no rules from OJK to supervise Credit Union.
“Credit Union in Indonesia, mainly in West Kalimantan are going to be supervised by OJK on 1 January 2015, because of managing the money more than trillions”, said Lasmaida Gultom, Directors Education OJK, in Pontianak, October 15 2014.

According to Lasmaida, OJK will collaborate with Cooperatives Ministry, Small and Medium Enterprises in University and Islamic School to open Financial access in order to whole system of financial sector activities are fixed, organized, and accountable.

Based on OJK Acts no 1 in 2013 about Micro Financial Institution, stated Financial institutions that have legal entity/company/or cooperatives are managed by local government. Act no 21 in 2011 about OJK stated that OJK has become a trustworthy monitoring institution that overseas the financial service industry. OJK turn the role of Bank Indonesia and Capital market Supervisor department and financial institution (Bapepam-LK). In progress, OJK and even Bank Indonesia (BI) turns the role and insists monitoring Credit Union.
There are 33 Credit Unions in West Kalimantan, which economically have more than 7 trillions. The total amounts exceeded the budget of West Kalimantan in 2015, IDR 4.6 trillions.

Head of the representative Bank Indonesia in West Kalimantan, Dwi Sulasmanto insisted that OJK and BI have no authority to supervise Credit Union. He said, “Bank Indonesia and OJK have no authority to supervise Credit Union”, he added that based on the ACT no 25 in 1992, about Cooperatives, that Credit Unions are monitored by Cooperatives Ministry and Small and Medium enterprises (SME’s).

Head of OJK in West Kalimantan Province, Asep Ruswandi, disagreed with Dei Sulasmanto’s opinion. “We don’t get hand in with Credit Union if there are problems, because it was not our capacity,” said Asep.
He continued, “Credit Union manages trillion of people money. They are supposed to be intended to know about whoever the people monitored financial institution, so that they can avoid the problem”.

Marsianus, head of Cooperatives & Small and Medium Enterprises of West Kalimantan Province reminded that Bank Indonesia and OJK must on the lookout for the development of Credit Union.
BI and OJK must know and understand the philosophy and history of Credit Union. Credit Union in Indonesia, including in West Kalimantan as the pioneer, grows and develops because of member interest with local wisdom without government assistance.

“Credit Union supervision and coaching are the responsible of Local government, not Bank Indonesia or OJK”, marsianus said. He added that local goverment holds the roles to give information for credit union new regulations, despites give financial foundation or contractual.

He continued that, local wisdom concepts are the one factor to grow and develop CU in Indonesia. The CU model approach has different in West Kalimantan from other provinces, like Jombang, East Java, but the same systems.

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