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National News Tuesday , April 07 , 2015 - 17:15:51 Local time
Part 2 OJK Roles in Credit Union
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Harian Suara Pemred

Grow Rapidly

Credit Union development in West Kalimantan growth rapidly. The existence of Credit Union can cause some Banks in town are collapsed.Three decades latee, 2014, Cooperative Ministry and SME’s gave achievement awards to 3 bests Credit Union, which came from West Kalimantan, they are Lantang Tipo Credit Union, Pancur Kasih Credit Union, and Keling Kumang Credit Union. Credit Unions in West Kalimantan become a CU Model development for Indonesia.

Based on the amount of assests it grows rapidly. In 2012, Credit Union’s assets in West Kalimantan as equals as APBD West Kalimantan Province in 2012, about IDR 3 Trillions. In this year, 2015, according to Credit Union Consultant, Paulus Florus, said there are IDR 7 Trillions total Asset exceeded APBD West Kalimantan province in 2015, it sums amount from 33 units of Primary Credit Union.

Around IDR 1 trillion of IDR 7 trillions is fixed asset, such as buildings, vehicles and soil. The balance IDR 6 trillions are implied fund for loan member as productive business.“It is just the total amount of minimum assets”. Pancur Kasih Credit union total assets which has 127.927 members located in Pontianak, there are IDR 1.8 trillions. Lantang Tipo Credit Union assets, located in Sanggau, there is IDR 2.241 trillion owned by 167.679 members/ 28 February 2015”, said Florus. He added that there are 1 billion member of the credit unoin in West Kalimantan came from middle society, such as Civil Servants, Indonesian Soldier Armed Forces (TNI) and Police.
“One of civil servants came from the staffs of Taxes Major of Financial Ministry of Indonesia. We have already had the same perception with Taxes Directors of Financial Ministry of Indonesia. So, all of Credit Union in West Kalimantan have awareness to pay taxes to the states”, said him.

Florus said that source of Credit Union funds came from the members, they have to use it productively. It means that, people have great power to grow their finance. One of them, Sahabat Sejahtera Credit Union (Bahtera) has 500 members who have jobs as garbage collectors, tire repairman, street food stall seller, groceries seller, street vendor, they have almost IDR 2 billions assets.

Governor of West Kalimantan, Cornelis; ex-governor period 2003 – 2008, H. Usman Jafar, and L.H. Kadir, ex-vice governor period 2003 – 2008, till now they are still being Pancur Kasih Credit Union’s member.
Florus described there are 4 main CU in Indonesia were located in West Kalimantan. One of them has partner reach out to Java, Papua, Central Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, North Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, and other provinces in Easterns of Indonesia. The four main Credit Union, includes Central Credit Union kalimantan located in Pontianak, Kapuas Central Credit Union located in Sintang, Khatulistiwa Central Credit Union located in Sanggau, and Borneo Central Credit Union located in Pontianak.

Dialogue is the best communication that must be done among Credit Union, OJK, and Bank Indonesia. So that, there will not happen misunderstanding about the source of money in Credit Union. “One of the Directors in Cooperative Ministry and SME’s asked to us whether Credit Union have got funds from abrod? I have already explained to them, finally Cooperative Ministry and SME’s is supporting Credit Union institutio, because CU has clearly got fund sources which come from their member.

General Manager of Kalimantan Central Credit Union, Frans Laten said, they have 44 CU’s separated to 3 regional in all over Indonesia. The total aset IDR 5.406 trilliuns, owned by 414.071 members, credit amounts IDR 4,122 trilliuns, saving amounts IDR 4,831 billions and staff almost 1,683 people/ 31 December 2014.

Frans explained that, three services regional include West District Office they are West Kalimantan, Java, Jakarta, and Riau provinces. Central District Office, they are East Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, and North Kalimantan. East District Office, they are Papua, West Papua, Maluku, and Sulawesi. West District Office, they are Jombang, East Java, which the member are Nadhatul Ulama that grow rapidly and significantly, named Semangat Warga Credit Union,” said Frans Laten. (Fly/Jee/Abd/Sap/Aju/Hd/Soe)

Aju dan Jee, etc. 2015. “Tangan OJK di Credit Union”. Suara Pemred, 23 Maret 2015.

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