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Economi News Tuesday , April 21 , 2015 - 15:57:39 Local time
CU’s Loan for opening the Cake, Bakery, and Ice Cream “MaRiSa”
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Before he is being an entrepreneur, Hendrik was an employment with one’s company as the marketers. As the marketer, he was always making, then he interested to be cake entrepreneur incidentally. He always bought cake as the souvenir when visited each town. “by buying the bakery there, we began to love fresh bakery. Then, we found there was a chance to learn this field. We followed training, courses, cooking demonstrations, etc. Finally, we try to focus on bakery business. My hobby is trying the new cake recipe and create the new one. I would very happy if the consumers love my cake”, he said to the writer.

Hendrik has uniquely fresh produce for his bakery. He made cakes without preservative, varied tastes, and sizes. He added that we try to mixed the ingredients of cake with local products such as pumpkins, cassava, and potatoes. Most of the bakery, with weight 50 gram, sell by IDR 3500 – 12.000. the most important for bakery products is its most unique and different from others and love by many people. Our best selling products is black forest cake. Then, the most favorite is born, because the mayonnaise made by ourselves.
MaRiSa’s cake, bakery and ice Cream customers are getting increases. There were also resellers who interested to resell the cake. Furthermore, he launched a marketing program by giving a 50 % discount on the day, start from 06.00 A.M till 7.59 P.M, for minimum transaction IDR 100.000, applied to bun, donut, and cake.

MaRiSa cake was also given a 50 % discount at night, start from 8.00 P.M till 10.00 P.M for all kinds of bun and cakes. “we believe that we don’t want to decrease the quality. We only just minimized the advantages”, he told the reasons why he braves gave big discount to his cake products.
MaRiSa’s Brand is, “For People who consider the taste”. Hendrik believes that customers who consider the tastes will be came here regularly. Hendrik said, “our customers have spread to all around Pontianak City, they come from A. Yani, A.Yani 2, Parit Haji Muksin, Sepakat, Wonodadi, and Supadio, Taman Anggrek and Parit Baru.

Being a bakery entrepreneur needs lots of money.That’s why, Hendrik trust to Pancur Kasih Credit Union by lend some money in order to open his bakery shop. He used his money for paying the building rent, renovating the building to become appropriate shop, buying some facilities such as oven, mixer, dan divider. He was also have 5 people of employees. Hendrik has joined Pancur Kasih Credit Union since 2013.

Hendrik is an active member of the Credit Union. He really felt the advantages of joining Credit Union. “previously, I only want to try, but now I try something bigger than before”. Another reason is he can increase the income, not only in nominal perspective, but also in higher productivity related to cake purchasing.
He advised to all of Credit Union active members that we must put first installment. So, the principle must put the first obligation

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