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National News Thursday , April 30 , 2015 - 13:38:29 Local time
Pancur Kasih Credit Union followed Seminar and Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Borneo Center Credit Union (Puskopdit) Fiscal Year 2014
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All of Board of Directors, Supervisors, Management of Pancur Kasih Credit Union has followed Seminar and AGM Borneo Puskopdit fiscal year 2014. Seminar and annual general meeting have conducted at Kapuas Palace Hotel, on 24 – 25 April 2015. The involving of Pancur Kasih Credit Union in the seminar and AGM is the kind of responsibility as the member of Borneo Puskopdit, besides Lantang Tipo Credit Union and Keluarga Kudus Credit Union. Representatives of Pancur Kasih Credit Union have important roles in making plans and strategic decisions that will be the way of development and progression for Borneo Puskopdit for the future.

The theme of AGM of Borneo Puskopdit fiscal year 2014 is “Strengthening The unity of Credit Union through Pewarta and Debtor Information System”. By this theme, all of Directors, Supervisors, and Management of Borneo Puskopdit have much expectation for 3 Credit Unions, Keluarga Kudus Credit Union, Pancur Kasih Credit Union, and Lantang Tipo Credit Union, committed to work together in Borneo Puskopdit by managing Pewarta and Debtor Information system professionally.

The activity series of Annual General Meeting Borneo Puskopdit Fiscal year 2014 began with Pewarta seminar, Debtor Information System seminar, and Daperma socialization seminar on April 24 2015. On that day, at night there was Borneo Night which amused for seminar participants and there were doorprize as the entertainment. Pewarta and Debtor Information System seminars followed by the representatives of 3 Credit Unions Managers. The next day, April 25 2015, conducted the Annual General Meeting of Borneo Puskopdit fiscal Year 2014.

Pewarta dan Debtor Information system Seminar
Pewarta Seminar conducted to take some decisions in order to improve the Pewarta system and management better, transparent, and advantageous for the member of 3 Credit Unions and Puskopdit Borneo based on togetherness and solidarity aspects.


Pewarta Seminar
Participants of Debtor Information System Seminar from 3 Credit UnionsMeanwhile, Debtor Information System seminar was conducted to introduce Debtor Information system supporting to Credit Union, especially for Credit division when they have decided members’ loan proposal. Debtor Information System helps credit division to serve quickly, accurately and avoid the loan delinquency. In addition, it will help credit consultants to have some information about the member with “Good” mark, so it will reduce idle money.

Annual General Meeting of Puskopdit Borneo fiscal year 2014
Some representatives from Pancur Kasih Credit Union who followed the Borneo Puskopdit AGM fiscal year 2014, are Board of Directors (DR.Khosmas, Gabriel Marto,S.Pd, Dr. Regina, Pdt. Sucipto,S.Th, Marcelus L., S.Pd, Ferdinand L., S.Pd.K), Supervisors (Sabinus Nus, S.E,Theophillus,S.E, Jaka Sumiarto, S.Ag, dan Fransiskus Andi Azis, S.H), Managements (Marselinus Engkolon, S.E, Domitius, S.H, M.H, Sukimin, S.E, Fulgensius, S.E, Budi Assa, S.T, Kandinus Yanto, S.H).

The AGM led by Anastasius Lamiyana. Director Responsibility report explained by, Dr. Khosmas, Moderator was Thomas S.pd, and supervisor responsibility report explained by Siprianus Nagas, S.Pd, and Management responsibility report explained by Yosaphat, S.E. overall the meeting was going well. participants, including Pancur kasih Credit Union, were active and enthusiast to give some questions, suggestions, and critics about the contents of AGM report. AGM participants accepted all decisions the meeting with legalized by 3 representatives Credit Union, Pancur kasih Credit Union signed by Pdt.Sucipto S.Th.

Hopefully all of the decisions can be applied and realized appropriate to the target. It must be done in order to strengthen the Credit Union movement. In accordance with Puskoopdit Borneo Slogan “One Federation, One Voice”.


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