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Seven Essential Points for GKKI (Credit Union of Central Indonesia)
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Credit Unions are not locally in West Kalimantan but also all over in Indonesia Country and even in the world. Credit Union of Central Indonesia (CUCO) was also abbreviated as GKKI has been 45 years for the anniversary.

In the article, written by Th. Trisna Ansarli, as the advisor of CUCOINDO period 2013 – 2015, which has been published in PICU magazine no 24/ 5th, ed. March-April 2015, wrote there are 7 essentials point for GKKI. The 7 essentials are the summaries of experiences for 45 years. The hardest experiences for 45 years are the part to prepare the prosperity and happiness community.

According to him, GKKI needs to be reviewed about its sturdiness in order to have well-established of GKKI. GKKI must have a strong basis to solve the fluctuation dynamics of economic social in the market place.

Adopted in his article, GKKI conditions are the reflection of supremacy and reputation in developing credit union and the financial institution service. It has been proved by getting awards from local government. There are many primary credit union as the member of GKKI got award from many parties. One of them is “ 100 largest cooperatives in Indonesia”, has published in PIP, cooperative edition on 12 July 2011. There are 32 credit unions that has included as 100 larget cooperative.

He said to realize “strengthening the sustainability of GKKI”, needed a humble heart for all of directors, supervisor and managements to be willing review the weaknesses and advantages the organization. A credit union willing to review the strategic in applying the implementation of programmes for each component of GKKI. Does the communication among the member appropriate to the structure and whether the organisation culture that will be applied has been consistent done or not especially about leadership values?

Credit Union institution needs to learn other experience from develop country such as Credit Union National Association (CUNA), stated in Madison, Wisconsin, A.S. CUNA is the largest credit Union in the world. In july, CUNA will celebrate 8 decade for the anniversary. In addition, the largest Credit Union in Asia is National Credit Union Federation of Korea (NACUFOK) which develops 10 years earlier from GKKI. In NACUFOK forum, took a theme about “ the review of 50 years of success and innovation credit Union of Korea”

He wrote that the most important thing was not only the successful of experience in quantitative financial aspect, but how we can put the foundation, development, protection and develop the unity of togetherness to strength for many years like today.

Some of the experiences can be inferred that there are some points that will be supporting the successful and sustainable of credit union institution, such as:
1. The conception of universal and standard credit union philosophy have understood and implemented proportionally consistent by the leaders.
2. The trusted solidity of organisation, unity in implementing the vision and mission.
3. Build the leader integrity effectively to always loyal and consistent making the commitment so can create the cohesive and harmonious relation.
4. Developing pluralism concept and practice with ongoing interfaith.
5. Public trust must be kept continuously
6. Believed that Human Resource Development is the important parts in implementing the responsibility of management in order to make sustainability of Credit union for the future.
7. Leadership regeneration process must be sustained happening through the education system and incremental rapprochement for creating a good leader whose smart, spiritual and intelligence in morality.

The seven essential points above, hopefully can be used as the reference for sustaining credit union for the future.


Ansarli, Trisna. “Tujuh Butir Esensial untuk GKKI”. Majalah Picu Edisi Maret-April 2015: 32-33

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