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Local News Friday , June 26 , 2015 - 15:55:24 Local time
PelPem GKPS North Sumatera Visits Pancur Kasih Credit Union
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PELPEM GKPS (Community Development Services GKPS) visited Pancur kasih Credit Union on Monday, 22 June 2015. There were 7 people as the representative of 4 credit union and 3 people from the institutions. They conducted the activity as the way to get informations about credit union especially how Pancur Kasih Credit Union can be developed so that they can understand and apply the information in North Sumatera.

PELPEM GKPS is an institution to empower economic society by Credit Union in North Sumatera. Community Development services recently have 4 units of Credit union in North sumatera with almost 10.000 people of the member. Some of credit unions are Spanish Leatanggiang Credit Union, Damai Sejahtera Credit Union, Hati Rongga Credit Union and Sanhur L. Pakam Credit Union.

Jan Anggiat Saragih, treasurer of Damai Sejahtera Credit union, as the chief of group PELPEM GKPS North Sumatera, said in his introduction that member of Pempel gkps service are wanted to have diversification program. According to them, Credit Union Programs are not only providing loan and saving, but also another program which likes protection and daily saving account. In addition, members are also wanted another program to manage their products of the business. The discussion between PELPEM GKPS and Pancur Kasih Credit Union are hopefully can help them, especially about the organisation of the credit union, work program, legal entity of institution building which impacted to statues, bylaw institutions, protection program for the members, and online system that has been used in Pancur kasih credit union.

After conducting the discussion, PELPEM GKPS group will visit some offices of Pancur Kasih credit Union service area in Pontianak area.

“Willing to hear and study will make someone educated. Willing to share their knowledge will make someone more educated and motivate someone else”

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