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Local News Monday , August 10 , 2015 - 16:14:58 Local time
The involvement Pancur Kasih Credit Union in seminar of healthy lifestyle awareness
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Pancur Kasih Credit Union has involved in Puskopdit (Centre of Credit Union) Borneo Activity. Pancur Kasih credit union as the place for conducting the seminar of healthy lifestyle awareness, health consultation, and free public medical treatment. this seminar has been conducted on July 25th, 2015 and established by Puskopdit Borneo cooperated with health service of West Kalimantan province and health service of Landak Regency. Most of the participants were enthusiastically joined this seminar.

According to the head of the Committee, P. Dwiraharjo, conducting the health seminar was a kind of health caring and the institution was concerned about there so many complaints for 4 years later. He said, until June 2015 recorded more 4000 members were claimed, which was 50% dominated by unhealthy lifestyle such as hypertension, cholesterol, stroke disease, heart disease and respiratory disease.

Most of the participants are credit union members. The institution was only inviting CU’s member because they have considered all about the costs, places, and medical teams. For the future, according to the head of the committee, Puskopdit Borneo, has considered the activity for the public. All of the participants are ± 300, they are coming from Pancur Kasih Credit Union and Lantang Tipo Credit Union. The activity has divided into 2 places, members from Pancur Kasih Credit Union joined in the hall of Pancur kasih Credit union in Ngabang Service, and members from Lantang Tipo Credit Union joined the hall of Lantang Tipo Credit Union office. Health consultation and public health medical are located in Pancur Kasih Credit Union Ngabang office. Otherwise, Puskesmas (Community Health Center) is particularly served for checking cervical cancer.

Health seminar with the theme healthy lifestyle awareness, consists of health consultation and public health medicine Medical teams gave service such health consultation like checking up blood pressure, blood glucose for the old people, blood cholesterol to diagnose the high cholesterol disease, and prevent the cervical cancer for women. Besides that, in this seminar, Imel, S.Km, M.Si as the facilitator to present the prevent and treat the low-contagion disease. Another facilitator were Antonius Suryadi, S.Km, M.Km to present the checking-up Cervical Cancer and IVA.

The event were helpfully provide participants to check their health and it can help members especially for the cost. Recently as we know, the medicine’s prices are expensive. According to Pancur Kasih credit union Manager, Ngabang office, Mateus Hayan, S.E., said that hopefully the event was expected to be held continually every year especially in Ngabang area, it was because they are still member who want to join but because of the limited participant, they can’t. Beside that, for the next event hopefully the medical staff can be added to solve many participants.

The awareness of Healthy lifestyle for the members of Pancur Kasih Credit Union is important to be done because it can affect long live and happy family. Head of Committee hope that participants who attended the events can be the person of change for their family and community so that the number of claim of unhealthy lifestyle are getting reduced. Hopefully the benefits of Credit union institutions can be given the advantages to member of credit Union.

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