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Local News Friday , August 21 , 2015 - 10:17:38 Local time
The Inauguration and Taking The Oath of General Manager / Deputy of Pancur Kasih Credit Union period 2015 – 2019
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The election of General Manager has been conducted in June 2015, Mr. Domitius, S.H, M,H has elected as the GM. Former period 2011- 2015, has almost one month in turn, former CEO Mr. Marselinus Engkolon, S.E. on August 8th 2015 has conducted the inauguration and taking the oath of GM and Deputy of Pancur Kasih Credit Union.

The inauguration and taking the oath has organized in the hall of Pancur Kasih Credit Union 3rd floor. It was attended by all 37 Managers from each service area, SPO, and the representative from Centre Credit Union of Borneo, Mr. Yosaphat, S.E as the manager. The inauguration divided into 2 agendas, first is Mass prayers and the second is the main event, the inauguration.

The mass prayers lead by Father Yeremias, O.FM. Cap as the Advisor of Pancur Kasih Credit Union. After the masss, the next event was GM inauguration. General manager was inaugurated by the Chairman of Pancur Kasih Credit Union, Dr. F.Y. Khosmas, and the Secretary of Pancur Kasih Credit Union, Gabriel Marto, S.Pd, read the swearing statement in front of the Advisor of Pancur Kasih Credit Union, Father Yeremias, OFM.Cap and witnesses by all participants consist of Manager Office in 37 Service area, all Board of directors, Board of Supervisor, and the Advisor, the inauguration officially signed by hitting the gong seven times by the chairman of the Pancur Kasih Credit Union.

At the opening of the inauguration ceremony, the Chairman of Pancur Kasih Credit Union expected to do the better so that all of development is responsibility all parties. “From today might happen the change and will be changed for the better future. Collective leadership is involving many people, and even, involves the members “, he said at the end of the speech.

The inauguration and taking oath of General Manager was also followed by the inauguration and taking oath of new management to work together to develop Pancur Kasih Credit Union. In all management, Audit Deputy Manager is the new deputy especially for financial auditing. Some names for the position in the list below:

1. Deputy Bussiness Manager :Mr. Suardi, S.H
2. Deputy Human Resources Development Manager Mr. K. Yanto, S.H
3. Deputy Audit Manager Mr. Silvanus Ilvan Somak, S.T
4. Deputy Administration and Accounting Manager Mr. Fulgensius, S.E
5.  Deputy Information Technology and Communication Manager Mr. Budi Assa, S.T

in GM ‘s Speech, Domitius, said that he has worked for 26 years. The only one assignment is to realize the expectation so that Pancur Kasih Credit Union can develop well and being the financial institution to solve poverty and economic powerlessness. He added to his speech that the activist of Credit Union must have multiple ability to do everything. 

A Credit Union’s activist should have spirit, honesty, transparency and accountability, independent, willing to be evaluated, be wise in taking decisions, serving member with hospitality and professional, accept the critic, respond to all of the suggestions.

Finally, he was expected to work together, positive thinking and optimism in developing Credit Union so that, Pancur Kasih Credit union always growing with the members and community.

Marselinus Engkolon, S.E, said in his speech that he would say thanks to all people because of helping him in his speech. At the end of his speech, he said, “We have to begin with something difficult not the easy things. The most important things are, we should do something well.

The new leadership will be started and recorded as long as in the period 2015 -2019 in every decision which taken. Let’s we support the new management by implementing the coordination, doing the good communication, and being wise in taking decision in order to develop the institutions especially for member’s interest as the highest authority.

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