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Local News Friday , September 04 , 2015 - 10:20:53 Local time
In-House Training about Credit Law and Loan Delinquency Management in Pancur Kasih Credit Union
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Pancur Kasih Credit Union conducted In-house training about the Credit Law and Loan Delinquency Management, facilitated  by Priyanto Hadisaputro, SH, MH, MM (Advocate-Mediator-Reciver & Administrator). The activity took 2 days on 28 -29 August 2015, at Kapuas Dharma Hotel, Pontianak, West Kalimantan. The activity was followed by TOP Management, Manager of Service Area, Board of Directors, Board of Supervisors. The training was conducted in order to give information about credit law and loan delinquecy management which have happened recently.

Credit Law training was opened by the speech of First Chairman, Education division, Father Sucipto, S.Th. in his speech said, “Credit Law training is using the allocation of comparative study visit program for directors and supervisors, but it does not be used and change it to institution’s interest so that will give a better impact to institution’s problem”. according to him, there are two reasons why the activity be held. First, Credit  Union is a credit institution. Second, Credit is the one kind of business activity, as the credit institution, Pancur Kasih Credit Union must develop the skill of manager to manage the finance/ credit union. He noticed that if we discuss about credit, we are not only focused on money circulation, but also we must consider about to whom the money circulated. Besides that, when we discuss about loan delinquency, we are not only focused on how to decrease the loan delinquency, but also how member can pay based on the agreement. After the speech from representative of Directors, the next activity was given material by Advocate-Mediator-Receiver & Administrator, P. Hadisaputro. The materials are relevant to the problems right now.

Participants were interactive and enthusiast learning the materials. The training answered the questions completely from participants. For example, the theory of Credit, the way how Debt Collectors do, case study and sharing experiences about how to manage loan delinquency in the service area.

On the second day, the material was continued to another topics, but still relates to the main problems. Participants were also enthusiast discussing the topics. Hopefully  at the end of training, facilitator hope that the materials that is given can be applied in each office. He said that the most important in managing loan delinquency is courage in taking decisions to solve loan delinquency. In addition, managers can find the best solutions to solve problems in institutions.

In-house training about Credit Law and Loan Delinquency Management hopefully can solve the recent problems in financial institutions. In-house training is not the  one solution to solve financial problem, but the most important thing is the follow up action. In addition, in house training can motivate and increase participant’s confidence in managing loan delinquency and doing collection effectively and productively. 

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