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Local News Friday , September 04 , 2015 - 10:22:26 Local time
Usaha Sejahtera Credit Union Comparative Study Visits to Pancur Kasih Credit Union
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The activity of comparative study visit to Pancur Kasih Credit Union usually have often done by another Credit Union. In this year 2015, there are two credit unions that have visited to Pancur Kasih Credit Union. First, PELPEM GKPS institution on June 22nd 2015,  and WING from Manipur, India on March 7th 2015. On 28 -29 August 2015, Usaha Sejahtera Credit Union Jakarta did comparative study visit to Pancur Kasih Credit Union. It was done in order to increase the quality of supervisors based on precaution principle. Pancur Kasih Credit union becomes the place  to study because the largest Credit Union in Kalimantan.

Usaha Sejahtera Credit Union consisted of 5 people, they were Lindawaty Tambunan as the Chairwoman of Supervisors, Oktavianus Pasauran as the member of Supervisors, Ingnatius Soegitu as the first Chairman of Board of Directors, Theresia Wartini as the head of Credit division, and Meylinda Mega Lestari as the SCO/ Marketing Staff. They have welcomed by the chairman of Board of Director,Dr. F.Y. Khosmas, Secretary of Board of Director Gabriel Marto, S.Pd, and the  representative of the Board of Supervisors they are Hamdani Daris, S.Pd, and Theophilus, SE, on Friday,  28 August 2015.

The Comparative study visit meeting has conducted in the hall of second floor Pancur Kasih Credit Union. The meeting discussed about Strategic planning of Credit Unions supervisor, supervisor system based on IT, saving and loan policy, capital and finance. Besides that, the board of directors and supervisors invited them to visit 2 offices, sui durian service area and sui jawi service area.

Thank you for coming in Pancur Kasih credit union. Hopefully all material and discussion could  give important knowledge which can be applied in Credit union.

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