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Inauguration Ceremony of Pancur Kasih Credit Union, Sei Durian Branch Office’s New Building
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Sei Durian (Pontianak), On Monday, October 26 2015, Sei Durian Branch Office of Pancur Kasih Credit Union was officially inaugurated the building as the place for serving member. It is located in Jl. Soekarno-Hatta (A. Yani II). Previously building has become old and can not be used again to serve 4000 people as the member that’s why on that day, there was an building inauguration for the new one. The event begun at 8 o’clock and opened by the mass and it has attended by the member, board of directors, board of supervisors, and managements.
In the sermon of Priest, He said that Credit Union must give better service to the membership and the community in general. After the mass, the event was continued with some speeches, inaugurated by cutting the ribbon and the last was the assignment of the plaque commemorating inauguration of the building by the vice-regent of Kubu Raya Regency.

The chairman of Pancur Kasih Credit Union, FY. Khosmas said in his speech advised to use the building better. It is easy to build the building but the hardest thing is maintaining the building. It needs the awareness of all people from staffs to the member itself. I hope we can use the building wisely and helpful.
Vice-Regent of Kubu Raya regency in his speech said, “ On behalf of the government I would say congratulation to the official ceremony of the new building Sei Durian Office of Pancur Kasih Credit Union”. He was also said thank a million because there are 3 branches-offices of Pancur Kasih Credit Union in Kubu Raya Regency. Individually, vice-regent of Kubu Raya Regency, has not familiar with Pancur Kasih Credit Union, because he was also joined as the active member of the Credit Union.

At the end of the speech, Pancur Kasih Credit Union must obey the Rules in which Credit Union must conduct the Annual General Meeting. Hopefully, Pancur Kasih Credit Union can grow advance and can give better service to the member, besides that the Invest value of Member will increase faster. After giving the speech, he signed the plaque on commemorating inauguration building, after that, followed by the cutting of the ribbon as the mark officially the building can be used to serve members.

Written by: Budi Assa.

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