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Local News Wednesday , December 02 , 2015 - 11:09:42 Local time
Strategic Planning and Cash Flow Planning of Pancur Kasih Credit Union Fiscal Year 2016
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Strategic planning and business plan Pancur Kasih Credit Union has been held for 3 days on November 19 – 21 2015, at Tirtaria Retreat House, Pontianak. The activity was attended by Board of Directors, Board of Supervisors, and Board of Managements, and 40 people of Branch Office Managers.

If we compare the activity of SPBP last year with this year, SP/BP Fiscal Year 2016 activity was  better than previous. Participants were enthusiastic followed the activity. They criticized four aspects strategy for achieving better strategies for 5 years forward. There are 4 aspects strategy that must be discussed, they are Human Resource Aspects, Financial Aspects, Customer Aspects, Internal Process Aspects.

On the first day of Strategic Planning, the activity was started by the Opening Mass, then continued with some presentations of Directors, Supervisors, and General Manager. Budi Assa, S.T was a moderator for SP/BP activity.

On the first day after the Opening Mass, F.Y Khosmas, Chairman of Board of directors asked to all participants to comprehend Pancur Kasih Credit Union vision and mission and realize the core values SEJATI (Solidarity, Excellent, Honest, Accountable, Sturdy, and innovative), existence the Pancur Kasih Credit Union’s Brand “The Real Investment Provider” and the motto is derived from local language “Barage CU Malangkah Repo”, means “Together with Credit Union we reach happiness”. Hopefully, brand and motto of  Pancur Kasih Credit Union can we apply in a real situation. Sucipto, S.Th, second chairman in Board of Directors handle in Education, was also presented the same problem when he officially opened SP/BP activity. The representatives of Board of Supervisors, Sabinus Nus S.E and Theophillus, S.E, said that they have found some mistakes in one fiscal year. They were also suggesting some strategic policies for 5 years later.

General Manager (GM), Domitius SH, MH, delivered a presentation about the condition of Pancur Kasih Credit Union nowadays. He was  also presented the all planning that has been applied in institutions, besides that he was also presented  the business plan for one year later. On the same day, in the end of the first day activity, it was closed with the presentation of Gabriel Marto, S.Pd and Fulgensius S.E about the framework of Strategic Planning. On the second day, participants’ activities were discussed, suggesting some brilliant ideas for institution, suggesting strategic activities carried out which will become the KPI in every Division and Individual.

Last day, Financial Deputy presented Cash Flow fiscal year 2016 of Pancur Kasih Credit Union and continued with financial forecasts. After that, there were some presentation from each Division (Human Resource Division, Administration and Accounting Division, Techology, Information, and communication Division, and Audit Division).

SP/BP Fiscal 2016 closed at 12.00 PM, and officially closed by Pancur Kasih Credit Union General Manager while giving motivation for all boards of managements. He said that every decision that have been decided must be applied better because there are rewards for the person if they can reach the main target. The energetic team can defeat the gorgeous team.

Barage CU  Malangkah Repo!!

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