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Local News Thursday , June 23 , 2016 - 10:44:32 Local time
Pancur Kasih Credit Union celebrate 29th Anniversary by launching 2 new products
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Pancur Kasih Credit Union 29th anniversary celebrated in a simple way. The celebration took place at Pancur Kasih Credit Union main office Jalan 28 Oktober no 1-7 Pontianak. At the celebration, Pancur Kasih Credit Union has launched 2 new products, Wisata Account for saving and loan;  and officially used CUPK Mobile application.

To Celebrate Pancur Kasih Credit Union anniversary there are some events such as social activity for member like free medical treatment at Parigi Village in Mempawah district, Karangan service area. The social activity held on Mei 26th, 2016 and colaborate with District health officer in Subdistrict who were also Pancur Kasih Credit Union member. There are 400 people who have registered in this activity.

On May 28th, 2016 peak moment of the celebration was thanksgiving mass by the priest Yeremias Yerry OFM.CAP. After that, there are blood donation in cooperation the  PMI (Indonesian Red Cross Society) and have collected 61 blood bags from the member who have registered and allowed to be drawn by the officer.

CUPK Mobile: all transaction in your hand!

“Special moment in the CUPK 29th anniversary to launch 2 new products, Wisata and CUPK Mobile”. Now, members can make their dream come true by traveling around domestic or international route. By using Wisata account members must feel enjoy the advantages of CUPK Wisata Account. Members can travel together with Pancur Kasih Credit Union and have already planned by its instution according to the term and conditions. Let’s we use this wisata product and realize your dream by using Wisata account in  CUPK.

Other products that has been launched is CUPK Mobile. There so much more advantages from CUPK Mobile, member can do the transaction everytime and everywhere without limit of time. Right now, your transaction is in your hand. Some facilities that can be accessed by CUPK Mobile like checking the balance, account transferred, saving, paying the installmen, buying pulse, electricity bill, PDAM, TV, BPJS, etc. Member can download the application in Google Play store with the keywords: CUPK MOBILE. Installed the application in your smartphone especially for android version. If the members want to access every facilitation, members have to come the the office to activate the application and of course member must assign the application letter of agreement. After registered, members could do the transaction everytime without limit of time”, said Budi Assa coordinator for CUPK anniversary.

On the other places, 40 branch offices in West Kalimantan were simultaneously celebrating by thanksgiving prayer and having lunch together with all members who come on that day. “although the CUPK anniversary celebrated simple, i hope CU Pancur kasih can help member to get welfare and continously growth better”, said F.Y Khosmas in his speech.

In a series of CUPK anniversary, on Mei 29 2016 was held Badminton CUPK CUP and coordinator by Domitius, General Manager of Pancur Kasih Credit Union.

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