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Economi News Wednesday , April 17 , 2013 - 11:21:30 Local time
Differently-Abled People can Become Successful by Joining Credit Union
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Nugroho, is a man who handicapped person and run his business and a mechanic at the workshop. He always keeps fighting his life so that he can fulfill his family’s need. He is the member of Pancur Kasih Credit Union, Sui Durian Branches, with the member's number 127.209. He is considered that being handicapped person was never being the problem.  He must reach the dream.

Nugroho works at the workshop in Kubu Raya Regency. His friends have never underestimated him. He is calm and friendly that’s why he has many friends. Nugroho is also running a business as oil supplier.

Nugroho wants to join in Pancur Kasih Credit Union to develop his business. On May 2011 he joined as the member. His involvement as active member both saving and loan account still was be a newcomer because it was about 22 months (a year, 10 months).

Credit Union Pancur Kasih has helped him to develop his business. He felt so many advantages by joining in Credit Union. He could propose business capital loan.  He said, “When I proposed at the first time, I was proposing 5 million.  Then, after paying off my credit, I proposed 10 million again".

His business is running well. He is also as oil distributor. He could pay off his credit on time. Because of his work hard, then he could propose 20 million for buying a car which helps him distributing oil to costumers.

Nugroho was graduated from vocational school who took automotive majors, told his idol to us. His favorite idol is Ucok Baba. Although Ucok Baba is handicapped person but he has strong eager to be a success person. He said, “I have to reach my dream.

People can do it and so do I. normal people can do the things, why I can’t reach my dream. That’s why, I’m very proud of myself”, when he told about his idol who can inspire him.

Nugroho said that if you want to propose credit you should observe the situation about payment ability. At the end of the interview, he suggests to members, “We must reach out dream rather than waiting. If we wait it, it is impossible happened in our life. It is the only miracle that will become.

Credit union members should creative using chance and situation in order to develop our business. As Mr.Nugroho has been done, he acts as a worker and entrepreneur, Pancur Kasih Credit Union will help members and giving some credit that must be used wisely and usefully. Lets we realize our dream together with Pancur Kasih Credit Union. Barage CU Malangkah Repo (together with Credit Union we get happy).

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