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Local News Monday , April 22 , 2013 - 08:40:36 Local time
The Handover of Decree Letter from Board of Directors to SPO Pancur Kasih Credit Union of 2013 – 2015
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The handover Decree Letter of  Pancur Kasih Credit Union's SPO 2013 – 2015 has been held at the  hall of 3rd floor Pancur Kasih Credit Union’s office, on May, 12 2013. SPO is board director’s job prolongation at branch offices, so the Decree Letter is considered need to be done. The election of SPO (Service Point Organizer) has been done at each branch and there are 35 people have been elected to be SPO. However, there are some Branches where do not have SPO, such as Siantan and Sintang. It was because of the operational management is still covered by the main Board of Directors and the other is still in new managing and still needed developmental management.

Some people who were elected as SPO should be proud because they have been a leader/organizer. They have to organize operational management in the field, besides that they have been through some test and experiences as a core group in member managing. SPO is a person who has a responsibility to manage branch offices. SPO is also helping Board of directors in their service area. Yoseph Bance as the coordinator of SPO, said, “SPO should do socialization, motivation, and promotion many kinds of Pancur Kasih Credit Union's products”.

Fidelis Saputra, representative of Mongkau’s SPO, said, “Individually, I wish our Credit Union will be SMART Credit Union. Smart is the acronym of Senyum(Smile), Akurat (accurate), Ramah (friendly), and Terdepan (excellent). We must be the excellence Credit Union for the future.” Andreas Tehong, as the representative of Aur Sampuk’s SPO said that the strategy to develop Credit union he will give motivation for the society, either members or applicants so they will join with us together in order to reach prosperity.

There is only a woman who becomes SPO. She is Naomi, representative of Sungai Jawi’s SPO. She is a tailor. The lack of women involvement as SPO does not make her feeling shy. “I considered my inability so I have to learn everything completely so that I can develop well”, she told about her involvement in Credit Union.

At the end of handover Decree Letter that has been done by Pancur Kasih Credit Union Board of Directors, such as Noberta Yati L, Priest Sucipto, Gabriel Marto, Marselus, Yoseph Bance, Yunita Semestiana, Fransiskus Kamis, there was discussion among them (SPO and Board of Directors). The handover of Decree Letter to SPO was done by Gabriel Marto. Hopefully all of SPO can implement their task, authority, and responsibility properly.

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