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Economi News Saturday , September 28 , 2013 - 13:45:14 Local time
“Blessing Centre Shops” Distributor of Spiritual Equipments
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Spiritual equipments are really needed in our life. The equipments will provide us to become closer to our God. He always cares us and plans everything in every aspect of life on human. Therefore, Merry was interested to be one of spiritual equipment distributors for Christian. Right now, she sells any kind of statues, rosaries, etc.

When she was telling about her interested in selling spiritual equipments, at the beginning she was only supplying spiritual books. One day, she visited her friend in Jogjakarta who works as the sculptor. In there, she saw the process of making statue made from wax. How they can complete finishing statue in good process, wax casting, coloring, drawing, and finishing. She was interested in those processes, so that she tried herself to make a statue in Pontianak.

She proposed the loan from Pancur Kasih Credit Union. She got IDR 5.000.000 and then she bought statue-appliances that are needed to make a statue. At the beginning business in 2001, the processes of making statue were helped by her family. But, in the process of finishing like drawing face, I was handling it by myself. I thought that I cannot do it alone so I ask my friend in Java to make it.

In Merry’s hand, her business was well developed. Spiritual equipments are not only distributed in Pontianak City but also in Malaysia. In Pontianak, she was not only as a distributor but also selling the products to consumer. In Malaysia, she distributed her products to Kuching, Miri, Sabah, and Sibu.  In the future plan, she is willing to open online business so the transaction is easy to be done.

Merry did not ignore the role of the Credit Union in her business. CU always helps her to get a loan. “ I think the process of proposing loan is easy”, she said the reason why she is joined in CU. she was also added that being a member of CU she got benefits. “As you can see, my business is well growth”.

Running business like Merry’s business needs good financial management. In my opinion, the key success is being honest and eager to be a successful woman. Being honest is the most important key in developing business. For example, there is deception doing by E-Business. Someone who has transferred their money but in the end, they are do not receive their things.

“I suggest you to join Pancur kasih Credit Union because I have felt its benefits. I can develop my business well”, she said to suggest the people  to join Credit Union. 

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