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Local News Tuesday , March 11 , 2014 - 12:36:16 Local time
Annual General Meeting (AGM) yearbook 2013 – 2014 Pancur Kasih Credit Union
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Dra. Norberta Yati Lantok, as the Chairwoman of Board of Directors gave speech at AGM yearbook 2013-2014

 Pancur Kasih Credit Union has been held Annual General Meeting (AGM) on February 22nd, 2014. It has been held at Grand Function Kapuas Palace Hotel, Pontianak. The meeting was attended by all of Directors, Supervisors, Managements, and the most important people are members.  There were 568 people who attended the meeting whom representative from 37 branch services all around in West Borneo. AGM 2013 was the official meeting to inform their members of financial report, previous and future activities. On this AGM 2013 was going to elect the Board of Directors and Supervisor period 2014 – 2018. Pancur Kasih Credit Union was also proud because it was the first time they used an Electronic Voting (E – Voting) for the election.

The AGM was attended by all member representative from 37 branch service areas in West Borneo and guests, Thomas, S.Pd as the representative of the Borneo Cooperative Federation, Drs. Didik Eko Utomo, S.E, M.M as the representative of Public Accounting Firms, Lensus Kandri, S.H, M.H as the representative of assistant 2 of the West Kalimantan Province who read the Governor’s speech for the opening of AGM ceremonially. The AGM’s theme was “Strengthening the external governance to be sturdy and reliable credit union”. The chief of the AGM 2013 committee was Josef Cupertino.

Chief of the AGM 2013 committee said that committees have been coordinated with members to attend AGM yearbook 2013. Pancur Kasih Credit Union has established AGM for every branch office service areas on 7 -8 February 2014. The invitation generally for 5400 people but only 3685 people or 68% attended the meeting. He added that there was going to be the election of Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors period 2014 – 2018 in this AGM. AGM’s committees have coordinated with the Election Committees.

Norberta Yati Lantok, in her speech said that in 2013 Pancur Kasih Credit Union have had done external Audit by the independent Public Accountants. It was done to fulfill the standardization of financial report that is needed financial audit, on the other side Pancur Kasih Credit Union felt proud to be the soundness Credit Union in Indonesia. She also said that the further challenges was product innovation and service based on IT (ICT and Gen Y eras). AGM 2013 -2014

Thomas, S.Pd, representative of Borneo Cooperative Federation said, “ The election committee noticed to the board of Director who have elected must immediately give recommendation to the Borneo Federation as their Directors and Supervisors based on the  Criteria that have been stated in Pancur Kasih Credit Union”. To be sustainable credit Union for the future, credit Union should be able to adapt to the laws, regulations and government policies therefore appropriate to the vision and mission of cooperatives.  

Pancur Kasih Credit Union invited one of public Accounting Auditor from Jakarta, Drs. Didik Eko Utomo, S.E, M.M as the representative of Public Accounting Firms. He said that the auditors did not find any errors and irregularities as well the deliberate on the changes of Pancur Kasih Credit Union Board of Directors accountability report year 2013. It was being our honor due to provide service to member, credit Union could show the soundness institution. 

AGM 2013 opened by Lensus Kandri, S.H, M.H as the assistant 2 of West Kalimantan Province by the signing of Gong sound after reading Governor of west Borneo, Drs. Cornelis, M.H  speech. The AGM was enlivened by Widya Pratama Tarigas’s dance performance under  Mr. Andreas Muhrotein management. It was also enlivened by Gli Angeli Cantano Choir under Stefanus Beben Soeryamassoeka managements.


The Accountability report of Board of Directors and Supervisors

The accountability report by the Board of Directors and Supervisors led by  Oktavianus Kamusi, S.H as the moderator. Accountability reports respectively were read by representatives of the Board of Directors, Gabriel Marto, S.Pd, and Supervisors, Kerubinus Cilin Sievandu, S.Kom, M. Kom. Every report was detailed explanation so that the members were intentionally listening. AGM participants were critical in giving suggestions and criticism for Pancur Kasih Credit Union progress.

The discussion of the Board of Directors and Supervisors explanation can be concluded that AGM in Branch office service areas is still conducted, economic educations are still conducted for a day, the determination of the amount of SPO will be reviewed by the Board of Directors based on joint decisions, Health Solidarity (SOLKES) are still remained in Pancur Kasih Credit Union.

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