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Monday , August 10 , 2015 - 16:14:58 Local time
The involvement Pancur Kasih Credit Union in seminar of healthy lifestyle awareness
Pancur Kasih Credit Union has involved in Puskopdit (Centre of Credit Union) Borneo Activity. Pancur Kasih credit union as the place for conducting the seminar of healthy lifestyle awareness, health consultation, and free public medical treatment. this seminar has been conducted on July 25th, 2015 and established by Puskopdit Borneo cooperated with health service of West Kalimantan province and health service of Landak Regency. Most of the participants were enthusiastically joined this seminar. According to the ... more
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Friday , June 26 , 2015 - 15:55:24 Local time
PelPem GKPS North Sumatera Visits Pancur Kasih Credit Union
PELPEM GKPS (Community Development Services GKPS) visited Pancur kasih Credit Union on Monday, 22 June 2015. There were 7 people as the representative of 4 credit union and 3 people from the institutions. They conducted the activity as the way to get informations about credit union especially how Pancur Kasih Credit Union can be developed so that they can understand and apply the information in North Sumatera. PELPEM GKPS is an institution to empower economic society by Credit Union in North Sumatera. Community ... more
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Friday , June 26 , 2015 - 14:11:43 Local time
Domitius, S.H, M.H, General Manager of Pancur Kasih Credit Union Period 2015 - 2019
Pancur Kasih Credit Union has organized the election of General Manager on June 18 -20 2015 at Palapa beach hotel, Singkawang. All of directors, supervisors and board of managements were attended the activity. Yoseph Banche, S.Pd, M.M, the chief of selection committee, has been doing the selection phases since March 2015 – June 2015. The candidates were Suardi, S.H., Sukimin, S.E., and Domitius, S.H., M.H. On 18 June 2015, Father Yerry OFM Cap delivered a speech on his Mass. He suggested that to all ... more
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Wednesday , June 17 , 2015 - 14:21:27 Local time
Pancur Kasih Credit Union Branch of Sei Raya Dalam Service Area, Do the socialization in Dharma Wanita Social Department
Monthly ‘arisan’ in Dharma Wanita of Social Department in West Kalimantan province different from usual, on Thursday, June 11 2015. It conducted in the Hall of Social department in West Kalimantan Province, Pontianak. The different situation because of Pancur Kasih Credit Union, Sei Raya Dalam service area,has socialized the information about credit union. Some people from Pancur Kasih Credit Union are the Manager office, Yustina Randungan, A.Md, and credit consultant, Zainuddin. The ... more
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Wednesday , June 17 , 2015 - 12:03:51 Local time
Unlimited Financial Service by Pancur Kasih Credit Union
Become an activist of credit union must be ready to work everywhere. Become an activist credit union must be ready to face new area, new environment, and challenges that can not be predicted. Become an activist of Credit Union must have enthusiasm serving member from all over societies. All the reasons above are done to reach welfare people based on the Credit Union’s vision and mission especially for remote area. People in a remote areas must able to manage their financial in order to realize their ... more
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Wednesday , June 17 , 2015 - 10:06:08 Local time
CUís Young Generation Seminar
Young generations have always been the target of Pancur Kasih Credit Union. Because of in the hand of young generation, Pancur Kasih Credit Union will ride out the existence. Pancur Kasih credit union, Sei Raya Dalam service area has conducted the seminar of CU’s young generation as the realization of work program in 2015. CU’s young generation seminar has conducted on 7 June 2015, located in the hall of Bruder dormitory St. Bonaventura, jalan Sepakat 2, Pontianak. Young generations are consisted of ... more
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Wednesday , June 17 , 2015 - 09:20:09 Local time
Badminton Competition Pancur Kasih Credit Union CUP
Badminton is a popular sport all over the world. There so many badminton tournament to find potential badminton athlete. Even, each group/area also has own badminton sport community. To commemorate Pancur Kasih Credit Union anniversary, the institution has held badminton tournament competitions named CUPK CUP. CUPK CUP badminton tournament for double men’s team held at Andaria Sport Center, North Pontianak. There were 45 men’s double teams from around in North Pontianak, East Pontianak, Sungai ... more
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Saturday , May 23 , 2015 - 11:00:59 Local time
Pancur Kasih Credit Union Organized Retreat in 2015
Pancur Kasih Credit Union has organized Retreat activity year 2015 at Kapuas Palace function hall Hotel, Pontianak on 14 -15 May 2015. The theme of the retreat is “ Becoming activists who have visionary, discipline, strong person and excellent performance to realize the strong, safe and trust Credit Union. Retreat Activity which leader by Mr. Domitius, run well because followed by all of activist, Board of Directors, Supervisors, Managements, Staffs, SPO, and contract employees, the overall amount ± ... more
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Saturday , May 23 , 2015 - 10:48:45 Local time
Productivity Business Seminar: Effective Technique for Planting Rice and Corn
Productivity business seminar has conducted by Samalantan Branch office on 2 May 2015 at St. Joseph Parish Hall. The seminar title was “The effective techniques for planting rice and corn”. The seminar has conducted as the kind of Credit Union attention to the farmer as the member. The seminar was attended by all the members in samalantan office such as representatives from Lembang Bawang, and Mempawah Hulu. As the facilitator, Mr. Sigunanto, head of Agriculture centre in Samalantan, and accompanied by ... more
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Wednesday , April 01 , 2015 - 16:36:15 Local time
Training Professional Communication for Customer Services
Front liner is the important part in financial institutional like Pancur Kasih Credit Union. Front liner people must have good communication in order to give better services and content for the member. To have good communication for front liner staffs, Pancur Kasih Credit Union conducted training Professional Communication for customer service, on March 25 – 26, 2015. It has been conducted in convent of Congregation Fransiskan Sambas (KFS), Pontianak. There were 45 staffs joined in the training. The training ... more
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