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Thursday , March 19 , 2015 - 15:44:37 Local time
WinG Manipur, India, Visited Pancur Kasih Credit Union
(Marup is a credit system in Manipur, India)   WinG (Women in Governance) Manipur, India visited Pancur Kasih Credit Union on March 7, 2015. They have welcomed by the chairman of Pancur Kasih Credit Union, Drs. F.Y. Khosmas, M.Si and all of Directors and Supervisors at the main office of Pancur Kasih Credit Union, Pontianak. A WinG Manipur team led by Nonibala Narengbam, Secy IRDSO, WinG Convenor. They conducted a visit study to Credit Union was knoWinG how Credit Union can build economic prosperity, ... more
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Thursday , March 19 , 2015 - 11:11:39 Local time
Strengthening CUPK Governance Against Innovative, Professional and Sturdy Managements
Pancur Kasih Credit Union 2014 AGM has conducted gradually in 2015. Pre-AGM and Pre-AGM and Plenary AGM were conducted to accommodate participants who involved in the meeting. Pre-AGM and plenary AGM have different reports. Pre-AGM Reports are consisting performance statement in service area and it is as the member forum for giving input and advice to the institution. Plenary AGM reports are the kinds of Directors and Supervisors responsibility to convey their annual blueprint about organisation, administration, ... more
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Tuesday , January 20 , 2015 - 09:39:31 Local time
Mental Revolution for Success and Happiness
Pancur Kasih Credit Union  has  became the one of supporter to conduct the seminar and re-charge early year. The seminar was organized by Dewan Pastoral Paroki Stella Maris, Siantan, Pontianak. The seminar was about “Mental revolution to success and Happiness with Anthony Dio Martin”, it was conducted in Gajahmada Restaurant second floor, Tuesday January 6th, 2015.   The seminar was attended  by all of Credit Union activists, almost 300 people attended the seminar. Seminar was ... more
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Tuesday , December 02 , 2014 - 14:36:40 Local time
Pancur Kasih Credit Union Business Plan Year 2015
Pancur Kasih Credit Union has conducted the meeting of Business plan year 2015 on 19 -22 November 2014. It has produced decission and innovative ideas for the future. The meeting took place in Palapa Beach Hotel, Singkawang and attended by The Board of Directors, Board of Supervisors, Board of Managements, Managers and SPO (as the representative of Directors in Service Areas).Business plan 2015 was carried out in order to evaluate and plan on Credit Union’s blueprint that are going to be applied for next ... more
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Monday , October 20 , 2014 - 11:09:15 Local time
Pancur Kasih Credit Union Conducts Training for New Staffs
Pancur Kasih Credit Union has conducted training for new staffs since 16 October 2014 until 27 October 2014. It conducted in Pontianak, Pancur Kasih Credit Union main office, Jl. 28 October no. 1- 7, third floor.In 2014, applicants have high interests in applying the jobs. At the first time, there were 423 applicants. After, following the tests, there were 5 tests, finally there were 38 people who passed the test and followed the staff training. Training for new staffs is one of requirements that must be followed ... more
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Monday , October 13 , 2014 - 13:20:02 Local time
TOT (Training of Trainer) for giving Credit Union Economic Education Training in Sintang Branch Office Service Area
Sintang Branch office service area has organized the Training of Trainer (TOT) for giving Credit Union economic education by representing Facilitator from Pancur Kasih Credit Union Board of Directors, Sucipto, S. Th as the education and training commission and Pancur Kasih Credit Union Supervisors, Theophilus, S.E. It has conducted for 2 days, 28 – 29 September 2014, coincided with the 2 year anniversary of Sintang Branch office service area on September 11 2014. TOT PD I was attended by core groups and ... more
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Monday , October 13 , 2014 - 13:14:55 Local time
Solidarity Products as the Excellent Products in Pancur Kasih Credit Union
Kota Baru branch office service area has conducted the motivation for the new applicant on 1 – 2 October 2014. It has conducted in Punggur Kecil, Kubu raya regency and Kesehatan Vocational School, Pontianak city. It has conducted to promote the savings and loan products andd solidarity products in Pancur Kasih Credit Union. Most of the participants interested to join in Pancur Kasih Credit Union. The motivation socialization attended by representative of the neighbourhood leader in Punggur Kecil. As a ... more
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Tuesday , September 30 , 2014 - 10:20:50 Local time
The Cooperation between Pancur Kasih Credit Union, Sui Ambawang Branch Office, and PSE KWI in Field Visit of National Conference
Commision for Socio-Economic Development Bishop Conference of Indonesia (BCI) have conducted the field visits as the application of National Conference BCI XXIII, on September 16 – 17 2014 in Pancur Kasih Credit Union Branch Office service area. The national conference program has visited Pancur Kasih Credit Union in order to discuss about community experiences about credit union institutions especially in Sungai Ambawang St. Fidelis Parish. The opening of National conference activity of Commision for ... more
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Tuesday , September 23 , 2014 - 15:14:52 Local time
Entrepreneurship Seminar ‘Cassava and Banana Processing Home Industry’
"Cassava and Banana Processing Home Industry" was the entrepreneurship seminar for the member of Pancur Kasih Credit Union, Sui Jawi Branch Office service area. It has been organized on Sunday, September 14th 2014.  The seminar conducted as the application of blueprint of Sui Jawi service area in 2014. It has collaborated with PKK (Family Prosperity empowerment) West Kalimantan province come under Mrs. Frederika Cornelis, S.Pd, as the representative Hj. Ir. Tri Cahyati, M. M and team. Speakers gave ... more
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Thursday , August 28 , 2014 - 13:33:44 Local time
Pancur Kasih Credit Union Socialize Credit Union to Generation Y in Junior High School 1, Seluas
Pancur Kasih credit Union often organizes the socialization to Generation Y.  Seluas Branch office service area has conducted the socialization  Junior High School 1, Seluas on August 23rd 2014, next there will be another socialization   Senior High School 1 in Jagoi Babang on August 30th, 2014. The socialization was conducted because of Credit Union care about generation Y for preparing an old age. The  socialization has been given by Sucipto, S.Th as the speaker from one of Board of ... more
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