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Tuesday , August 09 , 2016 - 10:45:13 Local time
Pancur Kasih Credit Union Receives Award from Cooperative Minister
Pancur Kasih Credit Union was recently received the best cooperative awards nationally from Cooperative and SME’s of Indonesia. The award was directly given by the minister of Cooperative, small and medium enterprises, Puspa Yoga, to  Chairman of Pancur Kasih Credit Union, Dr. F.Y. Khosmas, M.Si at the commemoration of National Cooperative Day 2016 in Jambi, Wednesday 20 July 2016. The excellent award for Pancur Kasih Credit Union and the special gift for the anniversary of CUPK 29th. The award will be ... more
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Tuesday , December 01 , 2015 - 09:44:16 Local time
Pancur Kasih Credit Union is Number 3 from 100 Indonesia’s Largest Cooperatives
Pancur Kasih Credit Union members should be proud because Pancur Kasih Credit Union in 2015 got an award from the Ministry of Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises which directly given by the Minister of Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises, Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Puspayoga in December 12th, 2015 in Jakarta. At that moment, the Minister of Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises opened the launching a book of Indonesia’s 100 Largest Cooperatives. Pancur Kasih Credit Union is at number 3 from ... more
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Thursday , April 30 , 2015 - 13:38:29 Local time
Pancur Kasih Credit Union followed Seminar and Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Borneo Center Credit Union (Puskopdit) Fiscal Year 2014
All of Board of Directors, Supervisors, Management of Pancur Kasih Credit Union has followed Seminar and AGM Borneo Puskopdit fiscal year 2014. Seminar and annual general meeting have conducted at Kapuas Palace Hotel, on 24 – 25 April 2015. The involving of Pancur Kasih Credit Union in the seminar and AGM is the kind of responsibility as the member of Borneo Puskopdit, besides Lantang Tipo Credit Union and Keluarga Kudus Credit Union. Representatives of Pancur Kasih Credit Union have important roles in ... more
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Tuesday , April 07 , 2015 - 17:15:51 Local time
Part 2 OJK Roles in Credit Union
Grow Rapidly Credit Union development in West Kalimantan growth rapidly. The existence of Credit Union can cause some Banks in town are collapsed.Three decades latee, 2014, Cooperative Ministry and SME’s gave achievement awards to 3 bests Credit Union, which came from West Kalimantan, they are Lantang Tipo Credit Union, Pancur Kasih Credit Union, and Keling Kumang Credit Union. Credit Unions in West Kalimantan become a CU Model development for Indonesia. Based on the amount of assests it grows rapidly. In ... more
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Tuesday , April 07 , 2015 - 16:04:13 Local time
OJK Roles in Credit Union
Asep Ruswandi, Head of Financial Service Authority (OJK) West Kalimantan Province, said “Credit Unionn manage trillions of people’s money. People must know whoever parts of government that supervise the financial institution. So, they can avoid the problems. The involving of financial services Authority in monitoring Credit Union is being criticized. Not only Cooperative Ministry but also Bank Indonesia have warned OJK, like there are no rules from OJK to supervise Credit Union.“Credit Union in ... more
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Wednesday , April 01 , 2015 - 16:26:26 Local time
Monitoring is not OJK and BI Responsibility
CU is not The Institution for Money Laundering Pancur Kasih Credit Union Management, Pontianak, insisted that Cooperative Institutions in Indonesia, include in West Kalimantan as the pioneer, was not for money laundering institutions from countries abroad as break the law. F.Y. Khosmas, as the one of Pancur Kasih Credit Union Directors, on Thursday (19/3) said, “Credit Unions in Indonesia are ready to be audited and accounted the financial sources”. We are willing to be audited by the Financial ... more
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Thursday , March 19 , 2015 - 14:01:24 Local time
Pancur Kasih Credit Union AGM in Fiscal Year 2014
Pancur Kasih Credit Union has conducted Annual General Meeting (AGM) fiscal year 2014 at the Grand Function of Kapuas palace Hotel Pontianak, February 28 2015, Saturday. The theme carried Strengthening CUPK Governance Against Innovative, Professional and Sturdy Managements. AGM fiscal year 2014 of Pancur Kasih credit Union officially opened by Ir. Marsianus S.Y, which signed by the striking the gong 7 times. Pancur Kasih credit Union AGM fiscal year 2014 attended by 800 participants. They are the head of ... more
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Tuesday , January 20 , 2015 - 11:18:31 Local time
Credit Union as the Entrepreneur Incubator
The role of credit Union institutions as the provider to give business capital is improved well in Indonesia. CU as the institutions for saving money, holding the economic education and training to increase member’s income. CU’s roles are important in every aspect of life. CU can be the entrepreneur incubator as the intermediary institution in doing the incubation process such as coaching, mentoring and development that are given to entrepreneurs. Credit Union as the institutions which giving ... more
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Wednesday , July 30 , 2014 - 15:15:28 Local time
Indonesian Cooperative Vision 2045: Cooperative as the Pillar of National Economic Country
The Chief of Indonesian Cooperative Council (Dekopin) A. M. Nurdin Halid has  spoken the roadmap-of the Cooperative to  Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as the president of Indonesia and the wife, Ani Yudhoyono, Cooperative Minister and MSE’s, Syarief Hasan, The governor of North Sumatra, Gatot Pujo Nugroho and participant of Cooperative day 67th  in Medan. DEKOPIN drafted the vision of Cooperative until 2045 was Cooperative as the pillar of Indonesian economic country to reach welfare and eternal ... more
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Thursday , April 24 , 2014 - 13:38:23 Local time
Financial Service Authority (OJK) in Cooperative Financial Institution
The implementation of OJK in Cooperative Institution has been stated in Picu’s Magazine no. 17 year 4, the title was “People were still not known about financial literacy”. The implementation of OJK has been started since January 1st 2014, it is expected that the blueprint could prevent unexpected financial practices that will deceive member. Does the OJK could minimize and prevent the unexpected cooperative in financial institutions? Based on the Rules no. 21/ 2011 about Financial Service ... more
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