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Friday , February 26 , 2016 - 15:23:30 Local time
Pancur Kasih Credit Union has been Online
At the end of December 2015, all Branch offices have been using the online system. It was based on strategic planning for the year 2015. Members have advantages from the online system everywhere at all branch offices, whether saving or installment the credit. Information and Technology development is expected to give the easiest and provide convenience transaction to service members Pancur Kasih Credit Union Online system transaction will ongoing developed. In the future, by finishing online system ,there might ... more
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Tuesday , December 02 , 2014 - 15:32:06 Local time
Online System has used for 10 Offices
The using of online system in Pancur Kasih Credit Union has extended to 2 offices in Singkawang and Bengkayang. Previously, there were 8 offices which have been using the online system, they are Siantan, Sui Jawi, Kota Baru, Sei Raya Dalam, Sei Durian, Sui Ambawang, Sei Pinyuh, and Sintang Offices. Until right now, there are 10 offices which have been using the online system. The online system is limited to use in Credit Union Pancur Kasih. The addition of some offices which is using the online system to some ... more
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Monday , June 30 , 2014 - 09:14:16 Local time
Discipline of Technology and Information User
Nowadays, almost all activities depend on technology equipment to finish the work even to surf on the internet such as access the social media, watching streaming video, streaming television, etc. However, sometimes the computer gives a negative effect to the user such as decrease their productivity for example people lazy to think because computer facilitates all things we need. Sometimes it wastes a time and makes inefficient and ineffective tasks because of indiscipline user. The use of technology equipment is ... more
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Tuesday , December 17 , 2013 - 15:41:54 Local time
Pancur Kasih Credit Union Ready for Online System
Trial Online has been successfully implemented in August to October 2013. Next year, in 2014 Pancur Kasih Credit Union will implement online application and web trial; it would be tried in some offices such as in Pontianak (Siantan, Sei Jawi, Kota Baru, Sei Raya Dalam, Sei Durian) and Ngabang. Online accounting system gives easier ways of transferring data from head office to branch offices or otherwise. The process of data transferring in online system can be done quickly and safety. Chief of Communication and ... more
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Monday , March 11 , 2013 - 15:39:55 Local time
In-House Training Program Linux Redhat Completed
Based on Pancur Kasih Credit Union’s work plan in the field of Information and Technology by applying the Siskopdit Online program for the service, thus Pancur kasih Credit Union held “IN-HOUSE TRAINING PROGRAM LINUX REDHAT COMPLETED”.  It has been held by the cooperation with Cyber Campus ‘Professional IT Training Centre and Software Development’. Computer Training “In-House Training Program Linux Redhat Completed” was followed by 6 people which the participants ... more
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Thursday, September 06 , 2012 - 09:08:38 Local time
Pancur Kasih Credit Union Website in Mobile Version
In technology information we can get informations not only from Television, radio or newspaper but also internet which give various informations we need. One of them is a website. Many people felt satisfied when they found out some important informations that will support their jobs.   When you will find some informations you can find it by surfing in the internet at home or office , cellular phone, or maybe you can go to internet café. If we use technology information wisely we can get those ... more
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