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Tuesday , April 21 , 2015 - 15:57:39 Local time
CU’s Loan for opening the Cake, Bakery, and Ice Cream “MaRiSa”
Before he is being an entrepreneur, Hendrik was an employment with one’s company as the marketers. As the marketer, he was always making, then he interested to be cake entrepreneur incidentally. He always bought cake as the souvenir when visited each town. “by buying the bakery there, we began to love fresh bakery. Then, we found there was a chance to learn this field. We followed training, courses, cooking demonstrations, etc. Finally, we try to focus on bakery business. My hobby is trying the new ... more
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Tuesday , November 18 , 2014 - 17:06:19 Local time
Pancur Kasih Credit Union Gave Capital for Cultivating Pepper and Corn.
Becoming a pepper farmer is the solution for Bibi to live for herself and her granddaughter, Tindyati. Bibi, named Rusmiati, is a member of Pancur Kasih Credit Union, Sanggau Ledo branch office. Bibi is a tough woman, and she has never given up to face the life. She cultivates her own land to become productive land, so that’s why she became a pepper and corn farmer . She has been a farmer since 18 years ago. She got pepper crops once in a year and then she usually sells it to a pepper collector. For her ... more
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Friday , June 27 , 2014 - 13:59:51 Local time
The Habit of Saving Money Gives Benefits for Matilda Evi
The habit of saving money for unexpected need give advantages for Matilda Evi, the member of Ledo Branch office service area. By her habits, she can help her husband to run motorcycle workshop business. “Amboyo Motorcycle Workshop, Samu Adup”, is more developed day by day. They have ever felt the unpleasant experience that was a fire disaster in 2012. It did not leave any valuable thing but there were some things left such as compressors and motorcycles. Because of fire disaster, Ropulus Norman felt ... more
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Friday , June 27 , 2014 - 10:49:02 Local time
Being a Buyer Fresh Fruit Bunch of Oil Palm
Focus using the capital from Credit Union  to buy  Fresh Fruit Bunch of Oil Palm   Being a buyer of fresh fruit bunch of oil Palm and sell it to the company has became the main income for Adonsius in running the business. He also helps his neighborhood in Lalang, Lesabela village, Ledo district, Bengkayang regency, West Kalimantan. Adonsius, 49 years old joined Pancur Kasih Credit Union since 2006 as the member of Bengkayang Branch office service area. “Because of there are Branch office in ... more
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Saturday , June 07 , 2014 - 11:33:30 Local time
Experience is the Best Teacher in Business
Business opportunity of buying and selling for used motorcycle is getting interested by entrepreneurs. Used motorcycle is one of favorite transportation because lower prices than the newest. Mirman was interested in opening the used motorcycle showroom named “Michelle Motor”. He could open the showroom because of his experiences of working in Motorcycle dealers in Pontianak. “Michelle Motor” showroom gets some units of used motorcycle from Mirman’s friend in Pontianak and then he ... more
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Tuesday , June 03 , 2014 - 09:58:27 Local time
Capital Support Provided by Credit Union Helps Damianus to Develop Chicken Farming
Damianus has been done the side business for 10 years ago to make extra money and now it can be the main important jobs to earn much money. Previously, damianus is a rubber buyer for the farmer, because of the price of its commodity is getting lower then he turns back the side job (become a chicken breeder) to earn much money. At the beginning as a chicken breeder, Dami was only borrowed from Credit union to build a coop in 2004. In a coop it could 3000 chickens. Until right now, he has 11 coops building to raise ... more
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Friday , May 30 , 2014 - 11:00:33 Local time
Maimunah: Uses Her Loan from Credit Union to Raise Quail Farming
The allure of reaping profits from quail farming is still minimizing. Recently, Maimunah reap profit from Quail farming in Durian Villlage, Sungai Ambawang, Kubu Raya Regency. By her husband’s experiences, Maskot, who has been working in quail farming, they were allured to raise quail farming. Maimunah said to the writer that it was the second time she raise the quail. At the first time, they only supply quail eggs for a buyer. They only as a quail breeder and did not distribute it to the community.  ... more
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Friday , May 30 , 2014 - 10:56:24 Local time
Pane Ponsel: Strong eager to open Handphone Counter
Pililitas Pane was born in 1990, included to “CU young Entrepreneur” because he is a talented young man. He is the owner of Pane Ponsel handphne counter, addressed on jalan Trans Kalimantan, Jaya Praya district, Kubu Raya Regency. Strong eager to be independent in earning money by himselve makes him eager to open handphone counter and sell many kinds of food and beverage.  For him, it is easier to earn money that study at university. That’s why, although he was only graduated from high ... more
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Wednesday , December 11 , 2013 - 08:36:56 Local time
Creativity Is Needed For Taking Opportunities Such As Farmer and Seller
Mik,  is Sumiarso’s nickname, he is the member of Pancur Kasih Credit Union  in Batu Ampar, Branch of Sui Durian office. He is an active member, either saving or paying his installment. Mik is a farmer. He has 3 places of coconut plantation. He also plants coffee and sells any kinds of clothes. Sumiarso trusts in Pancur Kasih Credit Union to manage his money and propose money as the capital for the business. He individually registered for Pancur Kasih Credit Union. Then, he brought Rp. 200.000 ... more
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Tuesday , December 10 , 2013 - 08:36:20 Local time
Mutual trust between “Member and Credit Union” Give Many Advantages
Being a foreigner in one place did not make Martono hopeless to earn money. He uses bananas  to make Pisang Salai (Sweet Dried Banana). Pisang salai is a snack traditionally manufacturing from Batu Ampar. It is good to eat for the whole family. “I have produced pisang salai since 7 years ago. When I run this business at the beginning, I only used my own capital. But, after joining Pancur Kasih Credit Union in 2009 I got the additional capital to develop the business. The loan capital from Credit Union ... more
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