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Credit Union Pancur Kasih
Badan Hukum No.735/BH/X - 26 Desember 1996
Jalan 28 Oktober No1-7 Pontianak Utara 78241
Telp : 0561-881951, Fax : 0561-884660
email : cupkindo@gmail.com, info@cupk.org
Kisah Inpirasi Kesuksesan
Marselus, member of Singkawang Branch Office Service Area
Credit Union has been beyond community and professions. There is no social discrepancy that becomes barriers among its members. Upper-class social status, ... Selengkapnya
Delly Handoko, active as a member and collector
Delly Handoko is one of an active member in Pancur Kasih Credit Union, Subah branch office service area. Being an active member not only involved in saving and ... Selengkapnya
Marselina, Pemangkat Branch Office member
Rubber tapping is the main of rubber farmer income in a village. The highest main income when the price of latex has not declined yet. Right now, rubber farmer ... Selengkapnya
Siono, S.P
Recognizing responsibilities to family members, Siono must pay responsible for his family. Then, Siono joined in Pancur Kasih Credit Union to realize all of ... Selengkapnya
He is the member of Subah Branch offices service area. He has been registered since 2008. He is an employee one of oil palm companies. Credit Union is ... Selengkapnya
Natalia Andis
Natalia Andis is a wife one of the village administrative officer in Ledo. Although she can buy everything that she wants, she also helps her husband to open a ... Selengkapnya
Nursanah (Ma Ica)
Being a single parent for women has a big responsibility for her family. School requirements and family expenses are rising.  But, these problems make ... Selengkapnya
Joined in Credit Union could improve the family relationship between all of member became the reason why I joined in Credit Union, Usman said to the writer ... Selengkapnya
Paulus Emek, Member of Pancur Kasih Credit Union, Sui Ambawang branch office
Paulus emek has been joined with Pancur Kasih Credit Union for 2 Years. He has ever proposed the loan for 3 times to develop his workshop. He trusts Credit ... Selengkapnya
Patrisia Wsida
I am the student of Senior High School in Pontianak. I am in the eleventh grade. I come from Kembayan, Sanggau Regency. I live far away from my parents because ... Selengkapnya
Langganan Kita Shops
“We were a tailor. We have been running this business since our adulthood. We didn’t want to be a tailor until elderly, and then we try to ... Selengkapnya
Taruna Motor Workshops
“Since I was in Senior High School I have helped my uncle. I helped him as a mechanic. I joined in the Pancur Kasih Credit Union in 1998. Then, I got ... Selengkapnya
Blessing Centre Shops
At the beginning I run my business, I only sold spiritual books. When I visited my friend in Jogyakarta, I was interested how to make a statue. I have tried ... Selengkapnya
Credit Union Helps People in Running Business
Anita Setiasih is Singkawang’s Pancur Kasih Credit Union branch offices. She has joined with Credit Union since 2009. Because, she has already got ... Selengkapnya
Thereís no problem in doing my business because of Pancur Kasih Credit Unionís help
(Bakri, Pancur Kasih Credit Union Member in Kuala Behe, Branch Offices). Mr. Bakri has joined Pancur Kasih Credit Union for a long time. He has 7 children ... Selengkapnya
Believe in Pancur Kasih Credit Union
(Margaretha, Pancur Kasih Credit Union Member in Kuala Behe, Branch Offices). For her, Pancur Kasih Credit Union helps many people especially for saving ... Selengkapnya
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