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Solkes (Solidaritas Kesehatan)/Health Solidarity

  1. 1.         General Term
    • All members of Pancur Kasih Credit Union
    • SolKes fee is IDR 25,000 / a year.
    • For the old member, the payment deadline in March, if until the limited time has not been paid yet, so Sa’aleatn saving will be withdrawn to cover it.
    • For the new member must pay this solidarity when opening the saving account.
    • Maximum claim is IDR 200,000/ a year for each member.
    • All of claim must be proposed with legal evidence on behalf the member’s name.
    • Solkes claim is paid on Friday.
    • The total amount of Solkes can be observed every year.


  1. 2.      The replacement of Traditional medicine fees.
  • Traditional medicine fees can be claimed by giving the medicine evidence that has made by minimal 1 witness of Pancur Kasih Credit Union member.


  1. 3.      The replacement of the Hospital medicine fee.
  • Responsible claim of Solkes:
  1. Medicines by doctor’s prescriptions.
  2. Medicines by doctor
  3. Medical care fees by doctor, nurse, in the hospital or local government clinic.


  • Irresponsible claim of Solkes
  1. Pregnant consultation or pregnancy medicines.
  2. Normal birth process fees include its medicine.
  3. Consultation, medicines, and contraception of KB
  4. Purchasing of glasses, dental care, and ear aids.
  5. Traditional medicines such as herbal medicines, supplements, and others that are sold at free market.
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