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Credit Union Pancur Kasih
Badan Hukum No.735/BH/X - 26 Desember 1996
Jalan 28 Oktober No1-7 Pontianak Utara 78241
Telp : 0561-881951, Fax : 0561-884660
email : cupkindo@gmail.com, info@cupk.org

The History of Pancur Kasih Credit Union

In 1985, some people of Yayasan Karya Sosial Pancur Kasih (YKSPK) called in English like Pancur Kasih Social Foundation, was attended Credit Union training, which held by Economic Social Development of Pontianak Archbishops with Indonesian Credit Union Coordination. On 12 May 1985 was established Credit Union Laboratories- Kathulistiwa Bakti, which part of the management is YKSPK as its member.

Pancur Kasih Social Foundation always socialized the Credit Union idea for management and employee because the purpose is supported members demanding to other activities. As a result, there was established Pancur Kasih Credit Union on 28 May 1987. Firstly, Pancur Kasih Credit Union is a medium to overcome Family Economic Crisis for YKSPK neighborhood.

In June 1987, Pancur Kasih Credit Union completely operated. Credit Union idea always continually spread both formal and informal. Until August 1987, in first Monthly Statistic Financial Report (LKSBM), there were 61 members, IDR 167,000 for asset. There were 4 loaners with the total of loan was IDR 174,950. The dividend was IDR 34,100.

Four months later, at the end of 1987, total asset was IDR 2,657,700. The total member was 82 persons; the total loaner was 29 persons, and the total loan account was IDR 2,548,600. Total dividend was IDR 174,950. In May 2012, total asset was IDR 1,200,426,363,608, dividend was IDR 727,799,098, and total of members were 106.008 persons.

CUPK developed through togetherness

Evaluation and reflection in a management process will inspire Credit Union strategic development. Principles and values were the inspiration of Pancur Kasih Association that has written in Vision: togetherness, independence, and affection are the key to increase self confidence, developed member’s ability, enforce mutual group, and share their knowledge and skill. “You can if you think you can”, this is one of the motivational words that often used.

Optimism and critical mindset are always motivated in giving opportunity, and those were motivated to dynamic and innovative works for all of Directors, Management and members. A big expectation for the future could be happened if it was being done with a concrete action. This is our commitment to reach our dream; released us from undeveloped economic, developing members prosperity, and financially. The power of God will lead us to get success. “Giving and receiving”, “ He will add you ….”. Those are our believed in managing Credit Union program.

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