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Credit Union Pancur Kasih
Badan Hukum No.735/BH/X - 26 Desember 1996
Jalan 28 Oktober No1-7 Pontianak Utara 78241
Telp : 0561-881951, Fax : 0561-884660
email : cupkindo@gmail.com, info@cupk.org




The word of Credit Union derived from Latin, Credere means trust and Union means community. Briefly, Credit Union is an organization that is organized according to cooperative principles, agreed by members who saving their money so they can share their own financial loan for productive purpose with lower interest rates.

How can Pancur Kasih Credit Union operate?

Until now Credit Union is not only functioning in financial management but also leading a cooperative organization. Credit union aims its target to manage, strengthen solidarity, and develop the social prosperity. They also provide members the chance to participate in economic, moral and social aspect.

Who are the people that can be a member?

People who live in Pancur Kasih Credit Union service area.

What is the benefit of Pancur Kasih Credit Union?

The benefits are:

  1. We can learn to manage our financial budget.
  2. We can have some saving accounts with high dividend
  3. We can plan our pension by using our saving prospect, etc.

Why we must attend education based training in Pancur Kasih Credit Union?

Credit Union is born, developed, and depended on education; therefore the member’s candidate must participate in economic education training. The main purpose is understood and deepening the information about Credit Union, vision and mission and the changes of life principles and cultural paradigm.

Can I propose loan right away after I’ve registered as CUPK members’?

You can read the condition in loan requirements. Or, you can ask to credit staff.  In fact you can propose your loan right away but only for capitalization loans’. 

How to join Pancur Kasih Credit Union?

You can come to our customer Service at Pancur Kasih Credit Union offices and fill the form and then deposit some money.  CU will give you an account book after you have registered.

What is Dividend?

Dividends are the company profits that are paid to the members as the reward for their savings and loans. All members have the right to get dividend.

Is my money safe in Pancur Kasih Credit Union?

All of account in Pancur Kasih Credit Union is safe because it has been professionally managed by the management. PEWARTA(Member Inheritance Protection Program) is a kind of insurance that will protect  members saving and loan account.

How can I contact the Management of Pancur Kasih Credit Union?

You can come to Pancur Kasih Credit Union on Jl 28 Oktober no. 1-7 no.39 Pontianak, contact person 0561-881851, fax 0561-884660 or email: cupkindo@gmail.com / cupkindo@plasa.com

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