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Tipara (Titipan Hari Raya )

Tipara (Titipan Hari Raya )

Tipara is a particular member saving to prepare some money celebrating their feast.

  • Opening and closing Tipara saving account will be charged.
  • Initial deposit and Minimum capital are IDR 25,000
  • Tipara interest saving is calculated based on the settle period deposit of its month.
  • Tipara interest saving is paid at the end of a month.
  • The amount of Tipara interest savings could change without any confirmation previously.
  • The alteration of Tipara interest savings will be decided on the letter of Management Decision.
  • Withdrawal Tipara saving account must be done quickly before one month of the holiday.
  • Withdrawal Tipara saving account up on one month before the holiday is charged 5% from withdrawal nominal, except withdrawal the saving because of passed away.
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