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Credit Union Pancur Kasih
Badan Hukum No.735/BH/X - 26 Desember 1996
Jalan 28 Oktober No1-7 Pontianak Utara 78241
Telp : 0561-881951, Fax : 0561-884660
email : cupkindo@gmail.com, info@cupk.org
Vision and Mission


Our vision is to become the leading and sustainable Credit Union of Dayak community in West Borneo


Increasing social economic prosperity through financial education and training that leads to physic, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect development and providing professional financial services.


"Barage CU Malangkah Repo"

 (Together with Credit Union we walk toward happiness)



“Pelayan Investasi Sejati”

( “The real investment provider”)



Legal entity : No. No.735/BH/X, December 1996

Badan Hukum No.735/BH/X Tanggal 26 Desember 1996

Jalan 28 Oktober No1-7

Pontianak Utara

Tel: 0561-881951, FAX: 0561-884660

email:- cupkindo@gmail.com

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