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Credit Union Pancur Kasih
Badan Hukum No.735/BH/X - 26 Desember 1996
Jalan 28 Oktober No1-7 Pontianak Utara 78241
Telp : 0561-881951, Fax : 0561-884660
email : cupkindo@gmail.com, info@cupk.org
Core Value


Pancur Kasih Credit Union Core Values

The word SEJATI stands for Solider (Solidarity), Excellence (excellence), Jujur (honesty), akuntabel (accountable), Tangguh (Sturdy), and Ikhlas (Sincere). Those words are must be implicated in good service. They can be explained:

1.      Solider (Solidarity)

Solidarity and unity in provide the best service.

2.      Excellent (Excellent)

To sustain continuous improvement

3.      Jujur (Honesty)

Telling the truth or able to be trusted

4.      Akuntable (Accountable)

Having responsible attitudes based on procedures and rules.

5.      Tangguh (Sturdy)

Powerful, skilful, tough, and persistent

6.      Ikhlas (Sincere)

Having sincerity to give a better service

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