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Marselina, Pemangkat Branch Office member

Rubber tapping is the main of rubber farmer income in a village. The highest main income when the price of latex has not declined yet. Right now, rubber farmer must hard work to live their life. As well by Marselina, a rubber farmer, who is making rubber as the main income for her family


Marselina believe she can make her parents happy. That’s why, to increase economic life, she joined with Pancur Kasih Credit Union, in Pemangkat Branch office service area. She has joined Credit Union since 2008 on behalf of her parent’s name. According to her, she has an obligation to save a half of her income for her parents. Most of her income, as the rubber farmer and selling foodstuffs, was saved for her parents.

Marselina is getting understood and learnt about Credit Union management system especially about saving and loan products. She knows all of the credit Union information by attending Credit Union economic basic training. “My mother did not understand about credit Union, so I try to help her by joining economic training in order to give explanation the purpose of Credit Union”.

According to Marselina, Credit Union helps her sending her children to college, she can send her children to study in Java and opening the grocery store because of the education loan and business loan from the Credit Union. “I got the money from selling latex as rubber farmer and selling foodstuffs from grocery stores. In fact, the price of latex was drastically decreased, but it was the main income for us every day. In a day, although we got fewer sap of rubber, we could get 20 -30 kgs. So, we can get money almost hundreds in a day.  The  money from selling latex we use for paying Credit Union installment and paying the fees of school terms.

I thanks to Credit Union for the help. “ I can grow up my business like this. The business capital of credit Union helped me to reach prosperity and increasing the financial for the future”.

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